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Mind Of Possibilty

Greatness begins with the mind of possibility. Impossibilities are for those whose mindsets are weak. Even the bible tells us that all things are possible for them that believe. The greatest mind of possibility i have ever read is that of Thomas Alva Edison. He was not the first to invent Light bulb and also not the last, but his hunger to develop and create better light bulb made him restless.

He failed thousand times, yet he learnt failing is a step to self improvement. He didn't stop trying until he successfully made 1,200 hours Light bulb, and it became the greatest invention in the history of light bulbs.

"Greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."-- Thomas Edison

How many times have you failed? Do you know what it means to fail thousand times? My friends, failing once is frustrating, not to talk of thousand times. Many have giving up on their dream because they failed once, twice or even many times. But, they fail to realize that failing is not a denier to actualize their dream.

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 Failing is the bell of self-repositioning. If you have not failed, then you have not tried. Possibility is a state of mind that says you can do all things and there's no limit to what you can make of yourself.

If you have failed in your business, in your job, in your project, in your education, in your career, in your family or relationship: you have actually learnt new and better way to do it by knowing ways that won't work.

Failure is a voice. It speaks about trying harder and better; it speaks about not doing things the same way again; it speaks about trying new methods; it speaks about using your mind more effectively.

There is no great and successful person who have never failed. Before you become successful, you must go through the school of failing. Because it refines and redefines your next-step of action. If we learn to accept our failures as a ladder to success, then all possibilities are ours.

Look towards the future and keep trying ceaselessly without looking back at those failures. It is possible for you to become that great businessman, entrepreneur, doctor, inventor and so on.

All things are possible for you!! yes!! it is.

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