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Crossing the Red Sea

Just like the Israelites were on that day so clueless and vulnerable, so will anyone facing the red sea may act. On that day, the greatest army at that time was going after them and going forward was a very big sea standing as an obstacle. 

At some point, Life can be so terrifying and mesmerizing. That's why this article is carefully put together in other to help our minds. I always talk about the mind mostly because every effort is determined by the level of your mindset. 

Looking meticulously at that particular encounter between God's own people and the greatest army of that time, we would understand the level of fear on the side of the israelites who were without weapons of war. In life, sometimes we face situations like such. Situations where the problem looks to be greater than all solutions that have been invited so far.

Here, we would talk about the Insightful weapons that was used to gain victory:

Fear Not:- Moses is the wisest and greatest leader that has ever led in the history of leadership. As a leader, he perceived certainly that fear is the biggest weapon the enemy can use to defeat them. And looking at his people who were helpless and defend-less, he went ahead to utter the most encouraging word at the point to destruction. 

Many have lost battles in life because of this greatest enemy of man. Moses was telling us to be fearless despite the greatness of the problem standing before us. He also said they should stand firm, but we would agreeingly agree that no man can ever stand firm without being fearless. So far, i have understood that we loose fifty percent of a battle by the fear we arbour. To be fearless is to be confrontational. In other for you be a conqueror, you have to stand fearless.

“Fearlessness is the first requisite of spirituality. Cowards can never be moral.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Moving forward:- We tend to be withdrawn by the challenges that comes our way some times. The only way to break through the wall is by continuous hitting. Moses cried unto God for assistance and God became upset with his tears while standing at the same point. 

Sometimes, in life, we can only get what we want by taking an attempting step forward. That is faith. Prayer is great, but when you pray without an act, you will be like a stocked ship on the sea. God wants us to walk in the same space with what we are asking for. You can not pray to be a lawyer without going to law school. 

"I never wanted to go back and relive the glory days; I just want to keep moving forward. That's what I took from punk. Keep going. Don't look back. --Paul Simonon

Stretch out thine hand:- Many of us are blind geniuses. We live like servants while we are born kings and queens. We allow the foolish and weak gain strength on us. Many are yet to use what they have inside. Every one has a god in them. You can never know the totality of what you can do until you put yourself to action. 

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Every problem has a solution; it depends on where you get them. Moses was a power carrier who used the same rod to turn water to blood and brought pestilence upon his enemies, but he was not aware that he was fully loaded for exploits. You are refined to be a wonderful conqueror.

"but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action. daniel 11:32b

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