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Contradictive Mind


I have seen some people talk about passing the red sea, but can't move close river Jordan. Definitely, people who have the talent, yet have not moved an inch from where they have been standing. 

Positivity and negativity are two different drives that war against each other. You can not seek to attain a positive status under a negative mind. A positive mind can be liken to a clean water kept for drinking, allowing germs on it is allowing health challenges that can cause chaos. You need to protect it carefully and avoid intruders. 

The Mind is the most influenced part of our inner being, it determines and can control many aspect of the inner and outer being.

Thoughts are the seeds of the mind and as the thoughts grows, either positively or negatively, it affects the entire mindset of a person and is translated by our actions. Every actions you take is influenced from the mind and digested in the heart. By letting out those unhelpful and degrading thoughts in your mind enhances your ability to grow positively. 

Your ability to unsettle every negative thought determines how strong you build up your mind.

When you allow yourself to be influenced by these powerful forces, you will end up in the middle of the road with much confusions. you can not have two teachers at the same time, teaching different things in your lecture room.

In life, we are positioned to accept those things that enhances our abilities. They are many youths out there in the world today who have been trapped with those degrading influences and it have darken their efforts in life.

Just like it is written in the Holy Bible: you can not serve two masters. You need to get rid of one in other for you to work perfectly well with the other. Do not allow negative thoughts ring through your mind, saying you can't do this or that. 

You are destined to be a conqueror and not a confused person. Surround yourself with those things that enhances your positive mind and stay away from those who say you can't do it. You also need to stay away from friends that add no positivity into your life. Yes!! friends that always bring distracting discussions to you.

Hey! these negative thoughts must come because of the challenges we may face in life, but try not mix it with the positive thoughts that increases your strength. In life, we may face failures at some level in life, but facing those successes you have achieved in life increases the power to do greater things.

“Believe in Your Heart

Believe in your heart that you're meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic and miracles.” 

― Roy T. Bennett

Do me a favor by not doubting your ability.

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