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A man that beats a woman

Sadly, this is an issue of attention as the vulnerability of a woman is being threatened by the cowardness of some men. I have seen some men beat up a woman like a beast; men that have killed their wives while beating them; men that have injured their wives; that have destroyed the beauty of a woman in the process of beating her; men that have caused deep emotional and irreversible pain.

I grew up with a mindset, a mindset that believes in superiority over a woman. I came out from a family where i watched my father beat my mother and it affected my growing up negatively. I bullied and beat up many girls in my growing up. This evil act continued until the day wisdom taught me i was not to be called a man.

What is a woman? why is she called a woman? she is the completion of a man, that enhances the value of a man. Adam saw Eve that very day God created her and loved her. Adam said," the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh". He understood the necessity of a woman in the world of men. 

it takes a real man to know and respect the value of a woman. A real man can not rape a woman; he will never treat her as an inferior being.

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I strongly believe they are some men who don't know the role of being a man. A man that knows the value of a woman treats her as a queen, he loves and cares for her. A man of understanding protects a woman from violence and keeps her out of danger. A true man covers the weaknesses of a woman with his strength. A real man guards her through life issues.

i have understood that it is the weak men that raises their hands on a woman; men that are not man enough. 

If you fail to respect a woman, then you should not be called a man. The lion protects his lioness and gives her the comfortability of having a king by her side. 

A king loves, respect a
nd protect her queen, except you are not one

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